Monarch engaged OB Support to scope the outsourcing of a limited number of administrative tasks in our back office. The caliber of the OB Support offering and the onboarding process was of a very high standard. Brett and Steve are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.


Kind Regards

Josh Wilson / Director, Monarch Institute
Hi Brett & Steve
I can’t thank you both enough and OB-Support on the outsource opportunity that Bayland Finance has engaged.

The process was smooth and effortless on both parts and we are suitably impressed by the staffs professionalism and knowledge of the industry .
It has helped our brokers and the business model quite dramatically and we look forward to adding more staff in the very near future.


Kind Regards

Dave Fraser / Managing Director, BAYLAND Finance
Hi Steve & Brett
I just wanted to say thank you @ OB Support and personally pass on my feedback that I could not be more pleased to have your team on board and supporting us. The process was smooth and effortless on our part. I would also add that we are impressed by the professionalism of the staff and we (as we had of course hoped) see the team in Manilla as a fully ingratiated part of Study Loans. As you know the team manages both the collections activity and our financial reconciliations function, all of which are performing well. I’m dropping you this note as I have received some very reassuring feedback from one of our student borrowers as well see below:
Good Afternoon
My name is “Andrew” and I am a student studying at Study Loans and I have a student loan with you, recently I had fallen behind on a payment and I had a few problems that I needed to sort out, which included multiple phone calls etc. and I really wanted to point out that the Service I got from Glenda @ OB-Support was absolutely outstanding, she was polite, direct, caring and most importantly after every phone call I felt as if everything was taken care of, I just wanted to say thank you and that Glenda was terrific!! 
Kind regards and our thanks
Iain Pepper / CEO, Study Loans
We are delighted with our staff member and In such a short time Bhey has become an absolute valued part of our team @ Portside Credit .

One factor that I think has accelerated this is the fact that we are all (and have been) in lockdown… as we have team members in Melbourne, Sydney and now Manila and the geography doesn’t really impact our operations.

The small time difference also means that it is very easy to manage and in fact, we have not really felt the impact of the time zones in any discernible way. Bhey is warm, personable and incredibly enthusiastic.

Marisa Leone / Managing Director, CEO - Portside Credit